Lone Star Pharmaceuticals

We deliver the pharmaceuticals, products, supplies, and devices you need, fast and on-time.

Service Promise

We understand your urgent requirements for timely access to critical medications and we are eager to address your drug sourcing and product needs. Our staff works hard to deliver on our promises so you can keep yours.

Who We Are

For over 29 years,we've been delivering pharmaceuticals on-time to more than 2,500 medical facilities across the United States. At Lone Star Pharmaceuticals, we've worked hard to be licensed to ship to your state and we have one of the best sourcing networks in the industry.

Our Promise is to be an advocate - for you, your hospital or clinic, and your patients - finding things you can't find and delivering on what others can't. We've gone to great lengths, through technology and people, to guarantee real-time communication for supply and shipping - bringing you the most real-time data so you can deliver on what others need.

We Are Here to Serve

Our Lone Star Pharmaceuticals team is committed to providing the service you deserve.