C2 Narcotics Safe




  • AMSEC ESLAudit Electronic Lock

  • 38” tall x 24” wide x 23” deep

  • B-rated burglar-resistive classification

  • 1/2” solid steel door, 11 gauge body

  • Three-way locking mechanism with five (5) 1” dia. locking bolts

  • Six (6) roll-out trays with four (4) full width & depth adjustable dividers

  • Four (4) 5/8” dia. anchor holes

  • Weight: 394 lbs with trays

  • Base: 44 lbs.

  • Shipping weight: 438 lbs

ESLAudit Electronic Lock


Every business, large or small, can benefit from an easy to use safe access control system. AMSEC’S ESL Audit Electronic Lock makes it easy to manage safe access with its integrated USB Port and user-friendly PC application. Download lock settings, upload lock settings, download audit trail, upload software upgrades and more. In addition, all functions can be securely shared via email.


  • All components communicate through an encrypted network

  • Supports dual control and armored car pickups

  • Supports time delay as a deterrent to robberies

  • Supports time lock restricted access to defined operating hours

  • PIN code and/or electronic keys for user authentication

  • Optional door sensor detects if door is left open Back-up database secured inside of safe


  • Retrofits most mechanical or electronic locks

  • 3 unique lock designs

  • Controls 1 or 2 doors

  • Safe doors can be configured in an inner/outer door configuration

  • Authentication options: PIN and/or AMSEC e-Key 9-volt battery and optional AC power

  • Optional remote time delay indicator

  • Update firmware via USB port

Powerful PC Application

  • Manage users

  • View and store audit trails

  • Manage system configuration

  • Manage door settings