NovaVive Settle® 1.5mL

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Settle, mycobacterium cell wall fraction (MCWF) immunostimulant, is approved by the USDA as an aid in the treatment of equine endometritis caused by Streptococcus zooepidemicus. The product is approved for both intravenous and intrauterine administration.

Endometritis in mares is an important disease that has significant economic impact on the horse industry. Mares can be classified as resistant or susceptible according to their ability to clear uterine fluid within 48 hours of breeding or bacterial inoculation. These mares are usually older or barren with a history of endometritis.

Settle is administered as a 1.5 mL dose by intrauterine instillation with a sterile catheter or by intravenous injection into the jugular vein during the early estrus period. Treatment may be repeated at subsequent natural or induced estrus periods.

Settle has been used successfully:
  • At the diagnosis of uterine infection and while awaiting culture or sensitivity test results
  • The day after foaling (or at the first sign of estrus) in known endometritis-susceptible mares or those mares recognized as difficult breeders
  • At time of retained placenta removal (and/or at the first heat of mares with history of retained placenta or delayed expulsion)
  • The day after foaling (or at first natural heat) in mares with poor reproductive tract conformation
  • The day after foaling to ensure earlier uterine involution and health
  • The day after foaling to facilitate earlier breeding when mares are late in the season or to increase conception at foal heat
  • At diagnosis of uterine inflammation or poor involution
  • At the time of natural breeding or artificial insemination
  • Immediately prior to shipping mares for breeding to expensive stallions

Settle is available in a 1.5mL vial. Sold by the case.

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