NovaVive Equimune® 1.5mL

SKU: 439288

Equimune, mycobacterium cell wall fraction (MCWF) immunostimulant, is approved by the USDA for the treatment of Equine Respiratory Disease Complex (ERDC) of viral origin.

The common causes of ERDC are equine herpesvirus (rhinopneumonitis), influenza A equine-1 (H7N7) and influenza A equine-2 (H3N8).

A serious respiratory infection can ruin years of training invested in the equine athlete. Equimune helps to:

  • Minimize lung damage
  • Stimulate the healing process
  • Rapidly return the equine athlete to normal

Studies have shown that a single dose of Equimune administered by IV injection generates a non-specific amplification of the immune response to antigens. Optimum treatment timing is at the onset of disease during the arly acute period. Treatment at this time boosts the early immune response, allowing less time for the invading organism to become established and cause significant cellular damage. The product is safe to use in pregnant mares.

Equimune is available in single-dose, 1.5mL vials.

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