Microcyn® Professional Spray Bottle

Type: Wound Care
SKU: 84871-6

Microcyn® is has a profound impact on wound healing, infection, inflammation, itch and scarring. Used in hospitals and wound care centers all over the world for the past 20 years, Microcyn® has been clinically proven to reduce infection and sites.

All products below are used for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds as well as first and second degree burns.


  • Profound impact on wound healing, infection, inflammation and scarring.
  • Removes microorganisms and debris gently and completely.
  • Proven under clinical conditions: in a controlled prospective-study*, 90% of patients had a distinct increase in granulation and improvement in the surrounding skin.
  • Used in hospitals and wound care centers all over the world for the past 20 years.

Product Details:

  • Available in 2oz & 8oz spray bottles

Additional Information:

The primary mode of action involves the  mechanical removal of cellular debris,  senescent cells, necrotic tissue, and foreign  material from the skin and wound surface using  a moistened dressing (e.g.gauze) along with  irrigation. Removal of these materials through  these actions is known to decrease infection  rates and improve wound healing.

Thesecondary mode of action is a function of the  antimicrobial properties of hypochlorous acid  (HO.Cl) and its salt, hypochlorite (OCl–) (1).

These ancillary medicinal substances which are  present in very low, non toxic amounts, assist in  the removal of microorganisms.